GROWL LETTER 2

             Chee-Wi Learns to Growl Accepted to Film Festival!




dear fans,


good news! the film i starred big in was sent in to cineyouth film festival, and it gots ins!!!!! my little one inchness could not handle it, and i fainted big out of excitedness! my mommy and daddy were very excited, too and they turned real RED.  i am now a star, so i got a new headshot, but the lights were so, so, so, so bright, and i fainted real BIG again.  i had huge excitedness because of the festival.  our people are going to take us to it.


WUFF, CHEE-WI    ps, soon my daddy qkee-wi will write about what the festival is like.



Chee-Wi Learns to Growl   

 Little film.  Big story. 

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                 GROWL LETTER 3

                    Chee-Wi Learns to Growl Shown at CineYouth Festival!







Dear Chee-Wi Fans,

We had a great time at the CineYouth Festival in Chicago this weekend!  The people who came to the festival had lots of fun watching the film and meeting little Chee-Wi.  Chee-Wi got interviewed on the red carpet and gave out tiny paw-tographs.  He was so tired at the end of the day, he fell right asleep in Mee-Mi's fuzzy arms.  Thank you for all your nice letters to Chee-Wi and us.  Check back soon for more news about where to see the film!







           GROWL LETTER 1

             Chee-Wi Learns to Growl Completed!




Dear Chee-Wi Fans,


After a year of work, our people have completed the stop motion film! It's 6 minutes and 41 seconds long (a long time for us little dogs).  They took more than 5,000 photographs of us.  We moved a lot, and the lights were very hot.  We panted to keep cool.


Chee-Wi will write when we find out where you can see the film!





(Chee-Wi's mommy)